Introduction Edit

Iskandar Shah I, often called as "the great" ruler of Pakistan, founded the Pakistanian Empire c. 1352. He then established the Iskandar Dynasty in 1353.

Early Life (1322-1350) Edit

Not much is known about Shah's early life, except that Shah was born circa 1322 to a noble family of 10, 2 parents and 8 children. His father was Shah Mumad, a Baron of the Syrian Kingdom. He was dissatisfied with the ruling of countries in the Middle East and decided to conquer Pakistan and establish a new kingdom over the tribes of Pakistan, in which he saw as weak.

Conquest of Pakistan and Success (1351-1352) Edit

Iskandar Shah went into a year-long battle with the Tribes of Pakistan and won, establishing the Pakistanian Empire c. 1352. He then went on to Establish the Iskandarian Dynasty, which became one of the most successful dynasties in the history of Pakistan.

Reign (1353-1381) Edit

His reign saw peace and prosperity, with the King himself establishing trade with the South-East. During his reign, he and his wife, Sallah Mariam I, gave birth to 5 children, Allahu Shah, Iskandar Shah, Fatima Mumad Shah, Mariam Shah and Ismail Osman Iskandar Sallah Shah.

Death (1381) Edit

King Iskandar Shah I died in the Summer of 1381 due to Heart Failure. His son, Allahu Shah, takes up the Pakistanian Empire and reigns as Allahu I.